Capponi Valiantly Works To Recreate Haiti

That’s not all. This is no hedonistic SoBe project to create a club space for a few hundred people to drink and dance all night long. Capponi’s new mission involves fixing up a whole city – if not the entire country.

This daunting undertaking might sound wildly ambitious, not to say foolhardy. But for this 39-year-old reformed heroin addict the humanitarian challenge is too compelling to ignore.

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Michael Capponi, owner of Capponi Construction Group, got his start working with night clubs in Key West and Florida, bringing the right type of atmosphere and buzz, and he helped create the 1990s nightlife scene that still rages in the area. Now, though, he’s turning to a new project: Haiti. He was familiar with the area from visiting the Dominican Republic, and he helped with relief work after the hurricane. Now, he wants to go further and build resorts and attractions to draw tourists to Haiti.

Capponi’s work is valuable and could prove, in the end, even more beneficial than the relief work. The Dominican Republic brings in millions of dollars in tourism every year, and it shares an island – Hispaniola – with Haiti. There’s no reason the same thing can’t work there, and Capponi could be jump-starting an industry that will last for decades. If so, the increased revenue could renovate the island from top to bottom.